Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farm Stand Report

Mixed green salad with hard boiled quail eggs.

We will be at the Consolidated Market Place again next Saturday. Along with our fresh-cut herbs, we will have fresh quail eggs, duck eggs, and mixed salad greens.

The mixed greens contain green and red leaf lettuce, baby vivian romaine lettuce, and baby spinach. When available they also contain nasturtium flowers and leaves, bean blossoms, pea pods, violet flowers, fresh shelled peas and pea blossoms. Many people do not realize that several varieties of flowers are edible and add, not only color, but nutrition and flavor to your favorite salads. Whenever our edible flowers are in bloom they will go in to our salad blends.

Rhubarb: We had requested for rhubarb this week but will will not have any available until later in the year. The second harvest is not as large as the spring cutting, so quantities will be limited. We are, however, going to be dividing and moving some of our plants. A few root cuttings will be available for those who want to try and grow their own.

We are also researching adding dried herbs and spices to our both. An update will be posted on this topic soon.


  1. Mmmm that salad looks so yummy!

  2. awesome!!! I was checking BYC specifically to find your posts so I could find your blog link. Sounds like things are exciting, with the booth and all the baby ducks!! The two ducklings you sold me are doing so well. We aew just about to give them a larger pool to play in. They discovered how much they like minnows last week. We named them Betty and Wilma. Then it changed to Betty and Veronica...depends on which name pair the kids remember that day.

  3. The salad was delicious :D

    Melissa, send a pic if you can. Isn't minnow feeding hilarious?