Thursday, April 5, 2012

Instant Garden Gratification

If you are an impatient person, gardening might not be the best hobby choice. All that work in the dirt can take months, or even years for a payoff! However, there is hope for those who need a little more of an instant garden gratification to stay motivated. If you plant extra dwarf pak choy, you will be able to see sprouts in a matter of days and harvest your first crop within a month.

Extra dwarf pak choy doesn't mind nippy nights or an occasional blast of snow either. In fact, you want to get these seeds in the ground as soon as you can work the soil and harvest before things get too warm. This is a great choice for fickle Colorado spring weather. You can plant a batch, wait two weeks, and then plant more for 2 successive spring crops. Once you harvest you can put in a warm season crop, then plant more of the tiny pak choy in the fall.

Tender and tasty, Extra Dwarf Pak Choy is a great "distraction" crop. It will keep you busy enough in early spring that you wont obsess about how slow everything else is growing. In fact, the dwarf choy went from seed to harvest faster than it took my corn salad or red winter kale to even sprout! Not only is this a great option for an impatient adult, this is a fantastic crop to get kids excited about starting their own little garden patch.

I bought my seeds at Baker Creek.


  1. I have the biggest respect for them. I listen carefully whatever their tips are.

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  2. Fava bean too. I planted some on president's day and they produced all spring and summer.

  3. They're so stinkin' cute! I've gotta get some of these in the ground asap!