Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring weather means play time

When we are working in the back yard, we let the ducks out of their pen for play time. We used to let the roam the back yard at will, but due to a hawk attack last fall, they need supervised outings. This makes sure they don't become dinner for the local suburban wildlife.

Here are our fluffy-butts enjoying their day out.




Wendy preening

Chrissy, Tweak & Shelley in the pond


Thanks to their playing in the yard, not only did I get free fertilization and aeration service, the bug population has been seriously reduced and all the dandelions have been eaten before they could get established. Ducks sure are handy!

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  1. So, we just started raising ducks and are working on designing our pond. I love that you have your pump going through your plants etc... If you've had this long I would like to know if the design is still good or low maintenance. Are you using the planter boxes as the filter etc... Please let me know thnx!