Monday, April 5, 2010

We have a broody!

Chrissy has decided she wants to be a mom. She has about 8 eggs and has made a nest in the duck's sleeping igloo. Indian Runners generally are not known for their brooding skills so we aren't sure how this is going to work out. It does, however, look like she is serious about hatching out some ducklings. We gave her the entire night pen and the other ducks are now in their run. With this arrangement, the other girls can't sneak in newly laid eggs resulting in a staggered hatch. We will post updates.


  1. Very exciting, the possibility of Chrissy hatching her own ducklings! We have a broody hen here & the other hens do like to donate new eggs to her clutch.
    I am waiting for my small order of ducklings to come in May, so I've been reading a lot about taking care of ducks. Good to know that they can go broody too.

  2. Indian Runners aren't supposed to though. It really took us by surprise.

  3. Congrats, and good luck!

    By the way, I just saw that you started this blog. I'll be a regular here, bet on it, and I'll be sure to link to it at my blogs, too!