Saturday, May 1, 2010

A successful hatch

Well she did it. When I checked on Chrissy in the "maternity ward" this morning I saw she had company. I counted at LEAST 4. She has not left the nest yet so there may be more trying to hatch. You can see 2 in this photo clearly and one more behind her. It is hard to get an accurate count because she keeps calling them to go under her belly whenever she sees me. She never was the most cooperative duck, but she is just doing her job. Hard to fault her for that.

If these ducklings are from some of the pure-bred Welsh Harlequin eggs, it looks like I have at least 2 boys. I will try to get a better count later today.


  1. What cuties! Congratulations!

    1. What breed is this mom? I have one like her. Cute photo!